I enjoy working with people that are curious about themselves, reflective and who desire change.  The therapeutic alliance or the relational ‘good fit’ stands out as the fundamental factor in effective treatment. I am interested in developmental issues in adults and addressing repetitive patterns that stand in the way of growth. 

I want to create an environment that is private, safe and helps people progress toward having the life he or she wants.  I strive  to have the kind of personal conversation that moves patients forward in their lives and through difficulties with symptoms, relationships, families and work.  My listening depends upon careful understanding of the person:  what brings him or her for help and how the past experiences, might or might not be a part of what is creating problems in the present.

As a therapist, I draw from  the three disciplines of psychoanalysis, psychology and social work to inform my work.  For some people focused therapy works well but for others longer treatments are needed.  I am sometimes active with patients, give advice and share an opinion. With others I discern a different need for intervention. Contemporary psychoanalytic approaches help in thinking about  and understanding  the complexities of human experience and the kinds of problems that do not have simple answers.  I especially enjoy a collaborative  and honest process recognizing that each individual is different with unique subjectivities and desires requiring a different road to health, survival and meaning.

I have a broad background in clinical issues.My primary areas of treatment are anxiety and fears, depression, traumatic experience, grief and loss, life transitions and relational issues.

Individual psychotherapy  ages 17 years and older
Couples therapy
Psychological Evaluation - forensic and clinical
Forensic ;  Juvenile, Criminal and Dependency Court.  competency and decisional capacity; risk assessment; mitigating factors in criminal defense; treatment  and rehabilitation.
Clinical:  assessments for diagnosis and treatment; decisional capacity for adoption; personality assessment for career decisions.
Psychological consultation - to organizations, Boards of Trustees, school administrators
Clinical supervision  and mentoring of graduate students in psychology and social work.
Writing consultation for  college and graduate students:  conceptualizing and organization of material. 

Privacy is very important to me. There will be a private waiting room for you that is not shared with others.  I will greet you in that room.  Forms  on confidentiality, consent for treatment will be available.  
Therapy sessions are  45 to 50 minutes
Double sessions are one and a half hours ( sometimes recommended for couples)
Weekly sessions
Session fee discussed individually.
Insurance -  There are some possibilities for insurance reimbursement. Can be discussed prior to appointment.
In most cases, Payment is made either  by check or cash at the end of each session. Exceptions can be discussed.